Kim Kardashian Praises Kendall Jenner & Mentions Khloe on Twitter

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Kim Kardashian took to Twitter on Monday night to praise two of her sisters. On one hand she was gushing over how proud she is over Kendall Jenner. On the other hand, she is promoting sister Khloe in her latest campaign.

The Kardashians are a busy bunch, but they know how to work the promotional efforts, including Twitter. Tonight, Kendall Jenner will be featured in her “Sweet 16″ special and was also on E! News. Kim proudly tweeted:

I’m smiling sooooo big watching @KendallJenner on E News! She’s such a pro! She’s so cute! Can’t take it!

It seems that Kendall is on her way to fame much like her big sisters. Speaking of big sisters, don’t forget Khloe Kardashian. Earlier before that tweet, Kim was promoting Khloe, who is part of a special cause. As many know, Khloe and husband Lamar Odom are now in Dallas, since Lamar has joined the Mavericks NBA team. Kim tweeted:

Khloe is hosting a toy drive for the Children’s Hospital of Dallas on Wednesday! Details here!

The details are found at Kim’s Celebuzz blog. The positive here is that no matter how much people may try to bash the Kardashians for not being famous, they do good things for others. They’ve been made into celebrities by members of the public who continue to gossip and watch what they do on television. It’s hard to blame them for enjoying the spotlight and all the fame. At the same time, it’s great to see the “more famous” of the sisters lending a helping hand to both her younger and older sister in their various events!

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