Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Dissed by Brother Rob

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As if Kim Kardashian doesn’t get dissed enough by the media and the world at large, her brother Rob has jumped on the bandwagon saying he’ll get married before he has kids. Right. Rob Kardashian, a defender of moral rectitude. Who knew?

Kim K. and her light of love Kanye West recently announced that they’re expecting a little bundle from heaven. Naturally, their friends and family members are happy for them. Or not. While Kim’s little brother, Rob Kardashian claims he’s happy for them, he dissed his sis in a major way by implying that she should have been married before allowing herself to get into “the family way.” Of course, he realized that he was also dissing his sister Kourtney. But evidently, that was OK, too.

“I’m so proud of my sisters,” Rob lied—er—declared in an interview with People Magazine, “but I’ll be married before I have a baby.”

Obviously unable to resist adding more insult to injury, Robbie went on to say that he doesn’t think Kanye West will marry his sister anytime soon.

“I think everyone is just excited about and focused on the baby right now,” Rob elliptically explained. “Kim and Kanye are over the moon happy. I’m so excited to be an uncle again!”


Unlike his sisters, Rob Kardashian is a stultifyingly ordinary-looking dweeb who, along with his sister Khloe, got sadly shortchanged when the Kardashian good looks were distributed. Thus, he has absolutely no claim to fame—not even physical beauty. He’s famous only because his big sister, Kim Kardashian, made his name a household word. That’s pretty pathetic for a grown man. Robbie should thank God for small favors and then do the world a big favor by zipping his lips. If he’s such a stickler for Bible Belt morality, he should move to the Bible Belt. Or better yet, he should build a time machine and go back to the 1950s.

He will not be missed.

Bonus round: Didn’t Rob once boast that he’d made Rita Ora pregnant? Last time anybody looked, he and La Ora were never married. Oops. Can he say (or better yet spell) hypocrite? Apparently not.

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