Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Rumors – Is Miles Austin Going to Be A Daddy?

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Life and Style magazine is using the cover of this weeks magazine to ask a pretty personal question; is Kim Kardashian pregnant? The suspicion comes because a source claims to have seen her purchasing three pregnancy test in in a London Boots pharmacy on September 12.








Eyewitness Caroline Bell told Life & Style exclusively, “She picked up three Clearblue tests.” Bell was so shocked she “did a double-take, as I couldn’t believe it was her.” A Boots employee also confirmed Bells story.

To further fuel the gossip flame, Kim has been spotted at various London restaurants consuming high calorie treats like scones and pasta and wearing looser clothing. Kim is photographing curvier at various social events happening all over New York City this week and witnesses say she is sticking to water.

Kim has recently expressed a wish to find the right man and start a family so perhaps she found the right one in Dallas Football player Miles Austin. Only time will tell if we see another blown-out Kardashian wedding. Is this rumor is true, it will stop Mike “the situation” Sorrentino’s claim that he is bigger celebrity than Kim.


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