Kim Kardashian Pregnant At The Same Time As Reggie Bush And Lookalike Girlfriend?

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Kim Kardashian may be sad that her ex, Reggie Bush, is expecting, but apparently the reality star is also expecting — though her joy isn’t as permanent as Reggie’s.

New reports indicate that Kimmie K is with child and although she and Kanye West look very happy together, they’re actually in crisis mode. In fact, it’s being reported that Kim is “pregnant and alone”.

Of course, there’s most likely no truth to this, but with the news that Reggie is expecting the tabloids need to run with the story while they can.

That’s why OK! magazine is running a cover this week that reads: “Kim’s Fear: Pregnant and Alone!” with a caption underneath that says “with her relationship in crisis, Kim’s fear is coming true!”

There has been a lot of speculation that Kim Kardashian is pregnant and of course she has said she wants children, but there’s no indication that she is going to have a baby soon. On top of that, Kanye West seems very supportive of Kim and almost never leaves her side. So how is she “alone”?

This is just another effort by another tabloid to move copies, but by now fans know that what’s printed on the cover of OK! is a crock of lies.

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