Kim Kardashian Pregnant: Kanye West Video Shows Rapper Announcing Couple’s First Baby

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The Kim Kardashian pregnant announcement came via Kanye West during a concert last night, and now video footage has shown up of Kanye’s onstage news. Believe it or not, Kanye actually interrupted himself on stage to let the people know what was up, in a subtle way. Where was Taylor Swift when you needed her to help make a really good headline?

Regardless of the simplicity of it all, Kanye announced that he and Kim are expecting their first child together during his Revel Ovation concert performance Sunday night. YouTube video has arrived via showing West performing onstage. In typical Kanye West “interruption for an important message” fashion, he breaks the song he’s doing saying “stop the music for a sec.” He asks the fans “can you make some noise for my baby momma?” referring to part of the song, and the crowd goes wild.

With that, Kanye made the news sort of official. It wasn’t quite as cool as the way Beyonce and Jay-Z did it, with the singer rumming her stomach and smiling during a major MTV Video Music Awards performance. At least in West’s case he wasn’t wearing that silly crystal mask, or a skirt on stage when he made his announcement. he did bring out the mask once again for his concert, but it wasn’t on when he broke the big news.

Currently, Kim and Kanye have been together as a couple for 8 months, while Kim is still legally married to Kris Humphries. Now the jokes are going around as to what the child will be named, and if Kanye will be so egotistical that he names either a son, or a daughter, after himself. Maybe they’ll deviate from that and actually pick a unique name. Imagine if they named a son, “Robert,” in honor of Kim’s late father? Fat chance, but it seems just as unlikely (many hope) that a daughter would be named “Kanye.”

What do you think of the way Kanye announced that Kim Kardashian is pregnant? Cool, or could they have found a better way?

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