Kim Kardashian pregnant? Reality star denies rumors that she is pregnant with Kayne West’s baby

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Is Kim Kardashian pregnant? The “Keeping up with the Kardashian’s” star is denying rumors that she and close friend/rumored love interest Kanye West are expecting a baby. Thank god! Could the world really deal with a little Kardashian-West? The baby would probably have Kim’s good looks and Kayne’s bad temper. What a mix!

The story that Kim Kardashian is pregnant was started by celeb gossip site MediaTakeOut, which reported a “world exclusive” that Kardashian was having the outspoken rapper’s baby.

Kim Kardashian says she won't be giving birth to Kanye West's baby, despite rumors.

“We’ve been wondering why Kim Kardashian was growing recently,” the site stated. “Well spoke with a person VERY CLOSE to Kim Kardashian this morning. And according to them, Kim is PREGNANT!!”

MediaTakeOut cited an anonymous “insider” who claimed that Kardashian and West had been romantically linked for years, and that their relationship heated up this summer.

Kim has vehemently denied the outrageous rumor that she is pregnant.

“The rumors are absolutely not true,” Kardashian told People magazine. “I’m not pregnant.”

To be a worldwide celebrity, recognized at every moment of the day, must be a bit wearing after a while. Though Kim Kardashian is living a life of glamour and fun, she pays the price when rumors are started about her. She can’t even be seen out with a male friend, because as soon as she’s spotted the rumor mill starts pumping into overdrive.

If there is one good thing out of this story, it’s that Kim is not having Kayne’s baby. The world is not ready for a mini Kayne and probably never will be!

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