Kim Kardashian Promotes Her Mother Trying to Make Money on QVC

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Kim Kardashian and her sisters may know a thing or two about fashion, but it seems that their mother Kris Jenner wants to join the bandwagon of having her own brand. Perhaps she is tired of being known as the mother, who takes 10% of her daughters’ earnings, because she is ready to step out and do her own thing. Earlier this year, Kris Jenner released a book about her life, talking about everything from the OJ Simpson trial to having hot and steamy affairs. Well, now it seems she is stealing ideas from her daughters, as she now has her own Kris Jenner Kollection.

Over the weekend, Kim Kardashian decided to promote the fact that her mother was on the QVC channel, selling items from her clothing line. In a screen shot Kim posted of her mother, fans can see that Kris is busy promoting a 3/4 sleeve notch collar metallic blazer, costing viewers only $74.62, plus shipping and handling.

“Are you guys watching my mom on QVC right now,” Kim asked her fans while posting the picture. “She’s live on air selling her Kris Jenner Kollection. Tune in now!” However, Kris wasn’t there all by herself. Her daughter Kourtney joined her in promoting some new spring items from the Kardashian Kollection, including denim jackets.

Do you think it is a wise business move for Kris Jenner to do her own thing?

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