Kim Kardashian Psoriasis: Will it Affect Wedding?

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Will Kim Kardashian’s psoriasis interfere with her upcoming wedding? The reality star suffers from the skin condition but seems to have it under control. A skin disease like this is not curable, but it is usually controllable.
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“I head to the dermatologist after I discover a weird rash on my legs. Khloe freaks me out saying it’s ringworm, but it turns out I have psoriasis!! My mom has had psoriasis for years, so it’s good that I can talk to her about it,” Kim wrote on her blog.

Of course the reality star was afraid she was going to get the round, flaky dots on her face—something that wouldn’t be able to be easily concealed on her wedding day. However, if she continues to do what the doctor tells her, she should be just fine. Although it’s a huge pain in the tail, Kimmy K will just need to deal with it and pray that it doesn’t flare up on her big day!

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