Kim Kardashian Pumps Gas in Stiletto Heels

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Kim Kardashian sure know show to pump it… gas that is! Kim was photographed recently filling up (and turning heads) at a local gas station.

One thing is for sure, it isn’t as if Kim Kardashian has opted for a cute, fuel-efficient car. No wonder Kim wants to divorce Kris Humphries so quickly, so he isn’t allowed to drive the Kimmy mobile.

She drives a Ferrari 458 Italia that gets at most about 20 mpg. Of course she doesn’t care, does she? High gas prices should not faze her at all. She made plenty of cash off of getting married to Kris Humphries (and then divorcing him 72 days later).

The 31-year-old reality television vixen turned heads as she actually pumped her own gas into the Ferrari. Goodness, Kim, don’t break a nail! Kim sported black jeans, a bright green jacket, and stilettos.

The question from this whole situation at the gas station is why someone didn’t offer to pump Kim Kardashian’s gas. Perhaps a better question is who wears stilettos while driving a sports car? Obviously Kim does.

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