Kim Kardashian Quivers with Fear

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Kim Kardashian has revealed what makes her “quiver with fear.” The reality star shared a somewhat funny feeling that she gets once in a while. Forget horror movies and spiders—Kim fears sour candy!

“Has anyone’s mouth ever qFile:Kim Kardashian 2011.jpguivered with fear before eating sour patch kids and sweet tarts, knowing you are about to eat something so sour,” Kim tweeted to her fans. Of course if you have ever eaten anything super sour you probably know exactly what Kim is talking about. Your mouth even begins to water in anticipation for that first sugary yet bitter bite.

Kim Kardashian probably doesn’t eat a ton of sour candy, but it seems to be something that she enjoys every now and again. Although she is beautiful and famous, she still experiences the same things the rest of the world does—even if it’s in a slightly different way. Do you feel the same way as Kim? What is your favorite kind of sour candy?

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