Kim Kardashian Really Considering Another TV Wedding? She Says Kate Middleton and Prince William Did It!

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Kim Kardashian is still dealing with the rather negative after-glow of her highly publicized relationship with Kris Humphries, which included an over-the-top, fairy-tale, made-for-TV wedding that sadly ended in divorce and not so happily ever after. Now that the reality show diva is enjoying quite the fine romance with longtime pal turned boyfriend, rapper Kanye West, it seems like a walk down the aisle and a gown are already on her mind. But would she really consider flashing the whole affair on the small screen yet again, in hopes that the second time is the charm?


When she recently sat down with Oprah Winfrey for Oprah’s Next Chapter, Kardashian cautiously tiptoed around her love story with West and her future plans, even saying she would be far more tightly guarded in this relationship than she was with Humphries. However, she may be changing her tune, as Kimye have frequently been spotted out together, and he’s even had a few cameos on Keeping up with the Kardashians.

So the logical next step—at least in the Kardashian universe—could very well be wedding bells ringing through the TV screen in an E! special.

File:Kim Kardashian 3, 2011.jpgKim Kardashian was lately asked by The Guardian about the whole business of “I do’s” and admitted, as Entertainmentwise reports, “Well, I guess you never say never.” She even added, “So many people have gotten married on TV and it has worked for them. William and Kate got married on TV.”

Well, she has a point—albeit a twisted one. Kate Middleton and Prince William’s unforgettable wedding was televised, but only because of their status as British royalty. It was major, breaking news, not a reality TV show!

That said, Kim and Kris were (perhaps ludicrously) likened to semi-royalty—of the celebrity kind—with their highly buzzed-about nuptials. And the extravagant and elegant wedding could have been fit for a princess and prince. Too bad it was all for naught—well, except for some good ratings.

Regardless of a private or public wedding, there still is one important piece missing from the puzzle, the proposal and engagement ring. If and when that comes, one thing could be certain: Kanye West may be helping his girl pick out her bridal gown. He’s apparently been influencing and impacting her style, so there’s no chance he’d leave the look for the biggest day ever to chance!

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