Kim Kardashian Receives Flowers from Kris Humphries – What Did He Do Wrong?

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Aw, how cute. Kim Kardashian just received a beautiful bouquet of flowers sent to her by Kris Humphries. How sweet! Or, wait a sec—sometimes a guy will send flowers when they’ve done something to upset their wife. Did Kris do something wrong that he’s trying to sweeten the blow for?

It might be too soon to tell; Kim Kardashian only just posted the picture of the flowers minutes ago. Hopefully Kris is just being a sweet husband—that’s entirely possible! Or, perhaps he sent Kim flowers to thank her for saving his butt earlier today when his interview with Ryan Seacrest slipped his mind and Kim covered for him. Flowers, in that case, are definitely a sweet gesture.

Kim Kardashian tweeted: “Awww look what @KrisHumphries sent me! Sweetest husband ever!!!

Well, regardless of the reason Kris sent Kim flowers, the bouquet is quite beautiful, full of pink and purple flowers of different sorts.

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