Kim Kardashian Replaced by Bulldog in Super Bowl Spot

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Poor Kim Kardashian is being replaced by a French bulldog in the Sketchers Super Bowl ad for this year.

It’s got to really sting the reality show star since she got paid a ton of money last year to appear in a steamy ad with a hot hunk — what girl wouldn’t be disappointed about not getting to have some gorgeous guy straddle her again?

Instead of featuring a sexy ad during a Super Bowl slot this year, Sketchers has decided to go a different route. And who are some of the biggest Super Bowl ad stars of all time? Animals, of course.

So rather than featuring Kim Kardashian’s tight and taut famous face again, Sketchers has hired a flappy-faced French bulldog. If you want to be surprised by the ad, don’t read the next paragraph – spoilers lie ahead.

In the commercial the bulldog will be racing a pack of greyhounds while wearing two mini-pairs of Sketcher’s new GOrun shoes. The ad will also feature Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who has seemingly befriended Kim’s sister Khloe Kardashian now that her hubby Lamar Odom plays for the team.

It’s not hard to see why Sketchers wouldn’t want Kim Kardashian in an ad for running shoes – all the wiggling and jiggling that would take place if she were shown jogging would probably be too hot for TV. Plus she’s been a little too overexposed lately due her divorce aftermath – Americans might want a break from the Kardashians this year. And of course it was probably a lot cheaper to hire a French bulldog.

It is still kind of a shame that Sketchers didn’t go with Kim again – it would have been pretty funny if the company gave Kim a second chance to avoid making the mistake of her life with a runaway bride commercial.

So what do you think – did Sketchers make a smart decision, or would Kim Kardashian have gotten the company more attention?

You can check out last year’s commercial with Kim below.

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