Kim Kardashian Rocks Some Major Twitter Cleavage

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Kim Kardashian was at it again on Twitter yesterday, sporting a killer sports bra and cleavage to boot. Kardashian posted the four, adult Brady Bunch-style pictures, which were apparently taken at her latest photo shoot.

You look up “attention whore” in the dictionary and you are likely to find a picture of Ms. Kardashian. But she does look pretty good in these pics, doesn’t she? At least compared to these poster-child of jet lag photos snapped at London’s Heathrow Airport, which were certainly more woof than shoot! She must have had a relaxing Southern California-style, Memorial Day Weekend.

If there was ever a representative of present-day, “hey, look at me” Twitter and Facebook culture, it is Kardashian, which is perhaps how she manages to stay relevant despite everyone and their grandmother knowing that she and her sisters possess no discernible talent (other than shameless self-promotion). But you can not knock her persistence (or her knockers).

Along with her hot bod and come hither Armenian eyes, Kim included the raunchy caption, “Wet and wild!,” clearly delighting the male contingent of her over 15 million Twitter followers.

This tweet comes after Tuesday’s bra/brain-buster, “Been killing it at the gym wiht (sic) Gunnar. I’m so focused when I’m in L.A.!” Ah, yes, “Gunnar” would be someone that Kim Kardashian would make, ahem, work out with at the gym, wouldn’t he?

What do you think? Is that really sweat that Kim is sporting in her latest narcissistic depiction. Or just some well-applied water, perhaps from the squirt gun of Gunnar?

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