Kim Kardashian ‘Saddened’ That Reggie Bush is Starting a Family!

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Kim Kardashian may be heartbroken after hearing that her ex boyfriend, Reggie Bush, who she wanted to settle down with and start a family, is now starting a family—but it’s not with Kim.

Apparently, Kimmie K still has feelings for Reggie despite being with Kanye West. Reggie may also have feelings for Kim, since he’s only dated girls that look like her since they parted ways. In fact, his baby-mama-to-be is a dead ringer for Kim and is also Armenian!

Reggie confirmed the good news that he is expecting a baby with his new girlfriend, Lilit.

“I have a little one on the way,” he said. “We’re pretty excited… it’s the most special gift to a man and to a woman. I look forward to it, and to building a family.”

Poor Kim Kardashian is having everyone surpass her and starting a family. When do you think that Kim will start one of her own?

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