Kim Kardashian Sadness Obvious During Kendall Jenner’s Sweet 16 Bash?

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Recent photos of Kim Kardashian supposedly show her obvious sadness over her impending divorce from Kris Humphries. The photos of Kardashian were taken just four days after her divorce announcement. They were taken during her half-sister, Kendall Jenner’s Sweet 16 bash.

Kim Kardashian HD 11x17 Photo Poster Busty Naked #12 HDQMail Online’s Laura Schreffler describes Kim as wearing her “sadness on her face like a stamp.” And, it’s true. For all those who believe Kim is incapable of true emotions or sadness, just take a look at these photos. Unlike several events, the reality TV darling was absent from several photos and the ones she was in, she had forced smiles while her sisters were beaming.

Kourtney Kardashian was smiling from ear to ear in several pictures. She was probably relieved that Kris Humphries was headed to divorce-ville. Khloe had sly smiles throughout the pictures, but it was only Kim who looked puffy eyed and subdued. Maybe, just maybe, Kim Kardashian was genuinely filled with sadness over her failed marriage. What do you think?

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