Kim Kardashian Says Her Family’s ‘Reality’ Could Last Forever

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If Kim Kardashian is right, her growing family could spawn Reality TV shows, technically, forever. It looks like that’s the plan, anyway, as her younger half-sisters Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner seem poised to take over next before they even reach the end of high school.

Kim Kardashian spins her world domination theory in a new interview given to the Hollywood Reporter in which she says, “These shows could really go on for years. There are so many of us, but I think we’ll see more of my younger siblings.”

Uh-oh. No fading gracefully into the night. But is this true? Is it possible the public’s appetite for the Kardashians could last, literally, forever?

There has never been a TV franchise, other than breaking news, which has lasted longer than 20 years or so.

And the few rare exceptions (Gunsmoke, Law & Order and The Simpsons) are all scripted dramas or cartoon shows. Meaning successful, long-lasting content is either varied and topical, or the characters don’t really grow beyond a tightly controlled fantasy illusion. Jack McCoy likes to mess with his assistants and Bart Simpson will always be 10 years old.

Now that the Kardashian sisters are considering handing on the baton, isn’t the illusion destroyed? A case can be made that part of the appeal of the Kardashian phenomenon is that they seemed to have come out of nowhere, but already fully formed.

Can that be duplicated down the rest of the family tree?

The world may have to wait a while for the outcome. But the day the “Mason Disick Show” debuts, the answer may be forthcoming.

Can it at least wait until he’s out of pre-school?

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