Kim Kardashian Sends Twitter Love to Anna Nicole Smith and Guess

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Kim Kardashian has lots of (fake) love to give out on Twitter. Kim’s ultra sweet persona truly draws fans in and makes them believe she wants you in her world. Well, she doesn’t. Kimmy just hands out that love like someone hands out candy during Halloween.

Kim Kardashian HD 11x17 Photo Poster Busty Naked #12 HDQKardashian’s latest Twitter love was sent out to Guess for still airing ads with Anna Nicole Smith in them. Do you remember how Guess made Smith and now she helped to elevate the brand? Well, if you don’t, you are really young.

Kardashian tweeted, “Loving how Guess is using Anna Nicole Smith in their ads again! #iconic”

It’s nice to know Kim Kardashian is keeping all the drama surrounding her at bay. She’s really not allowing it to interfere with her fake loving online persona. Of course, Kardashian has a lot of practice being fake. She is a reality TV star after all. Too bad she’s so talentless she can’t transition that fakeness into a true acting career. Of course, the Kardashian are monopolizing everything else. Keep your kids within sight!

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