Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Helped Kanye West with Other Women?!

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Did Kanye West view the Kim Kardashian sex tape to get himself “in the mood” while he was dating other women? This is the latest rumor about the rap mogul and his reality television girlfriend that is circling the internet.

That’s right, Kanye West apparently needed to fantasize about Kim K and Ray J “getting nasty” in front of a camera before he could actually have sex with other women. The tabloid rumors go on to say that after Kanye watched Kardashian’s “special” home video, he was able to go all night long with the women he was intimate with.

Okay, Kanye West does admit that he “fell in love” with Kim Kardashian before she started dating Kris Humphries. Was it her home-made porn flick that did it for him? Who knows, and frankly who cares?!? There have been plenty of stories about how Kanye was trying to get with Kim way back during her relationship with Reggie Bush. Still, that he was somehow watching the Kim K sex tape to get himself in the mood is in a word… silly.

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