Kim Kardashian Sex Tape: Is Kris Humphries the Unidentified Buyer?

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Somebody is looking to buy the Kim Kardashian sex tape. Who could it be? Who, besides the reality star herself, be interested enough to pay whatever it cost to get the full rights to the video?

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape: Is Kris Humphries Unidentified Buyer?This sounds like something a new, jealous husband might be interested in doing. Kris Humphries is an NBA star, so he could afford to pay plenty of money to get back the Kim Kardashian sex tape. In fact, now that he is married to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, he certainly has plenty of money to spend on something that could protect his wife and their children in the future. Nobody wants to see his or her mom in the positions that Kim was in on the Vivid video.

Obviously, a lot of people think it could be Kim Kardashian herself reaching out to Vivid to pull the video completely off the market, but the smart money is with Kris Humphries as the man behind the lawyer named Adam Dread out of Nashville especially considering his reaction to news that his wife-to-be had been married before. She could be in agreement with her new husband, or he may be doing it for her as a surprise wedding gift. Who knows.

Would you want to get a sex tape of your own spouse off the market after you married him or her? It makes logical sense that many spouses would appreciate something like that being put away after the wedding.

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