Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Shown Online on Wedding Day

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While Kim Kardashian was walking down the aisle at her wedding to tie the knot with Kris Humphries, her past crawled to the surface on the internet. The adult video entertainment company, Vivid Entertainment, showed her video sex tape to over 2 million viewers on the exact same day, according to a report released by CNN today.

The sex tape was made years ago when Kim was young and naïve. It was made with musician Ray J and the superstar has done what she can to keep the tape on the down-low, especially right before her wedding.

Vivid Entertainment currently holds the rights to the sex tape and it was apparently a wise investment, since this is one of the highest selling tapes on the market. The Vivid Entertainment owner states that he only showed the video online because Kim Kardashian was in the news quite a bit because of her wedding. The tape may not be worth as much in 10 to 20 years.

Can you blame the guy? He has a product he knows will sell well, so he just waits for the right moment to release it 2 million people on his website. He knows how to cash on the few celebrity sex tapes out there, so that’s pretty admirable.

The owner tells CNN that he believes Kim Kardashian’s sex tape has played a role in her success. Why? Well, look at other stars that benefitted from having a sex tape leaked on the market.

How pissed can Kim Kardashian possibly be? According to the monetary settlement made when Kim suited the owner of Vivid at the original time of publication, she gets a share of all sales. In other words, she is banking on homemade porn.

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