Kim Kardashian: Sexting With New England Patriots Bret Lockett?

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Kim Kardashian just got engaged to Kris Humphries, so why is there a rumor circulating about some sexting going on with New England Patriots player Bret Lockett? The rumor claims the two were sexting while Kim was dating Kris.

According to a report from TMZ, the swirling dervish claims Bret Lockett’s brother Colin stated the two met back in October, but kept up a flirtatious texting relationship even after Kim met Kris Humphries in November. Is this a “he said-she said-they said” situation?

Colin reportedly goes on to explain that Kim even sent Bret Lockett “a nude photo of someone’s lady parts to entice him.” Were they her own? Colin says Kim then requested nude pictures of Bret as well. It seems at that by then Bret had learned that Kim and Kris were dating, and out of respect for Humphries he wouldn’t send the nude photos.

Really? How about out of respect for yourself, Bret Lockett? Have you not seen what happens when people play childish games like sexting nude pictures to other people? Two prominent cases come to mind–Brett Favre and Anthony Weiner? Do you live under a rock?

Certainly Bret Lockett made the right choice not to sext with Kim Kardashian, but maybe an exercise in self-respect is in order. In saying that he only refrained out of respect for Kris Humprhies–is that an indication that he might have sent a sext if the two weren’t dating? Patriots owners? Maybe a little self-esteem counseling is needed for one of your players?

Kim Kardashian has weighed in on this entire scandal, claiming it is absolutely false, and threatening to sue if the publications that broke the story don’t retract every single word. In fact, one online publication–Hollywood Life–has already removed the breaking story from its website! It will be very interesting to learn, too, what–if anything–Bret Lockett has to say.

One has to question why Bret Lockett’s own brother would rat him out to the press. This probably won’t sit well with the New England Patriots bigwigs if it turns out there really was some sexting. Is there some bad blood between the brothers? Or is this further proof that Kim is right, and the whole thing is some kind of publicity stunt. (On whose behalf, however?)

At some point in time people will grow up and realize that not only is it inappropriate to send nude photos of themselves or anyone else via a text message, but that if they do those photos are somehow going to wind up in the media. Get a life, people!

Do you think Kim Kardashian was cheating on Kris Humphries in this latest sexting ordeal? Or do you think it’s all just a vicious rumor? And how does Bret Lockett fit into the entire scheme of things? Or is it as Kim says–just a big vicious rumor? If so, then someone clearly has it out for both Kim K. and Bret Lockett.

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