Kim Kardashian Shares Adorable Throwback Photo, With Another Basketball Pro!

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Kim Kardashian who has recently stepped out with new boy, Kanye West, is plenty of glamorous and plenty racy ensembles. She’s also just shown off some sultry, cleavage-flaunting photos on Twitter from her Esquire shoot. And she has also posed suggestively in a skin-baring look for her Instagram followers. But the reality show diva isn’t all about the barely-there leather and lace and tweeting out provocative pics to her fans. She’s also into exchanging sexy for sweet, sharing some adorable photos from her and her sisters’ childhood via her blog and her social media outlets. In fact, Kardashian’s latest “throwback” snap is a true slam dunk–quite literally!

“Me and Magic Johnson 1989 #throwbackthursday,” Kim Kardashian wrote, when she posted the “vintage” candid photo.

Yes, she was really hanging out with the basketball legend. The towering pro may have had his back to the camera, but he still looked to be playing along with whatever mischief the then 9-year-old bathing-suit-clad Kardashian might have been cooking up. Kardashian really couldn’t be cuter in the snap, as she’s caught mid-giggle in what could be her family’s back yard.

File:Kim Kardashian 2, 2011.jpgLook beyond the photo, though, and one can’t help but chuckle (or at least appreciate) the irony. About 20 years later, Kim Kardashian would be hanging out with another tall NBA player, except under much different circumstances. Her quickie romance with Kris Humphries may have been magical at first, but it had fairly odd couple written all over it. Unfortunately, the duo’s highly publicized wedding and marriage only ended in divorce papers 72 days later–and lots of accusations of fraud.

Oh, for the simpler days, such as those captured in Kardashian’s throwback pic of the day. Celebuzz has this photo and more of Kim K through the years, as she transformed from darling to reality show diva!

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