Kim Kardashian Shares View with Twitter Fans

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Kim Kardashian did something extra nice or was flaunting herself again depending on which way you take it. Kim used her Twitter account to tweet a photo of a gorgeous night time view with the following caption: “Sky’s the view…not the limit!”

Kim Kardashian HD 11x17 Photo Poster Busty Naked #12 HDQOf course for Kardashian, everything is just a view because there seems to be no limits to what she can achieve. The reality TV queen has to thank her lucky stars she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and had enough sense to leak a sex tape where she had Ray Ray’s tubestick up her big butt. Without her looks and society’s insatiable appetite for brain numbing reality TV, Kardashian would still be stuck as a stylist to the stars.

Fortunately, that million dollar view Kim Kardashian tweeted came courtesy of her hard work selling herself out. Momager Kris Jenner lent the ultimate helping hand in pimping out all her children. Now, the Kardashians are a household name like actual celebrities. Their shenanigans draw fans in while deteriorating one’s brain. You have to love reality TV!

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