Kim Kardashian Should Expect Major Humiliation from Kris Humphries

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The divorce drama between Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian just seems to be getting worse, as the two went from being crazy in love to crazy hating each other. While Kim just wants to get the divorce over and done with, Kris wants Kim to admit that she married him for publicity and issue a formal apology to the public and him. But that isn’t happening because Kim would never sacrifice her career and image by apologizing, hence admitting fraud. So, Kris is reportedly willing to do anything to humiliate Kim by doing everything he can to point out her flaws, secrets and so forth.

According to US Weekly, the New Jersey Nets player is “doing anything he can to get her attention,” a Kardashian confidant shares. “She would grant a divorce in a second. But he won’t sign the papers. He won’t let go.” Well, it seems that Kim Kardashian won’t be single for a while, since the two can’t reach an agreement. But Kris is determined to get what he wants, which isn’t money or fame; he just wants to get his name cleared so he doesn’t have to be associated with Kardashian anymore. “Kris is not a conniving person; he just wants to clear his name because it was tarnished,” says the source.

Sure, a Kardashian insider will disagree. One insider claims that Kris wants both the money and the fame. But if that is true, he would have taken the $7 million settlement and made a name for himself as the man who got Kim’s money. But he doesn’t want any money, obviously. That’s not what he is asking in court.

Who do you think is right?

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