Kim Kardashian Should Keep the Ring, Says Selita Ebanks

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News of the Kim Kardashian divorce has reached everyone. While Kim clearly has a lot of haters and has been the target of some very negative media attention and the critique of much of the general public, there are plenty of people who feel for Kim and support her. Selita Ebanks, a Victoria’s Secret Angel, is one of Kim Kardashian‘s supporters.

Ebanks said, “You have to put on her shoes and understand that it’s hard to live your life in that light, so whatever it was and whatever it is, I still feel bad for her. She can’t even have a moment to fully cry. At the end of the day, we’re all women, and it’s a hard thing, especially when it’s happening in front of the world.”

True – it must be hard to live your life in front of the cameras, but remember – that is the life Kim Kardashian has wanted for herself.

Ebanks was asked whether she thinks Kim should return the engagement ring to Kris Humphries. Her response? “Hell no!”

Like many have speculated, Ebanks is under the impression that Kim Kardashian purchased the ring herself.

“I thought she bought it herself,” Ebanks said. “That’s a big ring! I don’t know if Kris Humphries’ contract fits the price.”

Of course, the latest news reports claim that Kris Humphries did, indeed, purchase Kim’s diamond ring himself, and if Kim Kardashian wants to keep it, then she will have to buy it from him.

Why would any woman want to keep a diamond ring, no matter how big and beautiful, that has memories of a failed relationship? It seems ridiculous to think that Kim would even contemplate keeping it. She can always buy herself a ring that has no ties whatsoever to Kris Humphries.

Ultimately, the Victoria’s Secret Angel–whose engagement to Cannon ended just months before he married Mariah Carey–knows better than most that a whirlwind romance in the spotlight is a risky proposition.

“It was hard,” she says. “Having a public breakup is hard because people speculate and they assume and they think that they know what it is. Granted, most of her life is reality TV, so that makes it even harder, but for me, it was a very sad time just because I was so young and vulnerable and naïve.”

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