Kim Kardashian Snaps at Khloe for Comments About Marriage

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Kim Kardashian appears to be under a lot of stress lately with her short marriage coming to an end and reports of her being a “fraud” surfacing. That doesn’t mean she’s heartless, though, because she’s apparently snapped at her own sister for making disparaging comments about Kris Humphries.

Feet up: Kim cancels a visit to The Hamptons to go and visit Kris in Minnesota

Although Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have gone splitsville, it doesn’t mean Kimmy K enjoys all the bad mouthing her former husband gets, including comments from her own family. This source reports that Kim has turned on Khloe Kardashian for some of the things she’s said.

‘Think she’s just p***ed as she’s married to a barking dog,’ Khloe is reported to have said.

Kim didn’t take kindly to the attitude and things said, so she went off the rails and called her sister names like “troll” and “snide.” Do you think Kim Kardashian is under too much stress lately, or did Khloe deserve it?


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