Kim Kardashian Speaks Out: Marriage Is Not Ideal

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Although rumors are flying about Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries, she doesn’t think it’s as bad as everyone says it is. Rumors state that Kris is having an affair, getting lap dances from random girls, partying like a single man and being immature with Kim’s family, while Kim is working hard to get future projects and film roles.

So what does Kim think about her 2-month-old marriage with Kris? She admits that it is not an ideal situation at the moment. She is busy working and the couple has had very little privacy. Not only are they continuously filming for the Kardashian reality show franchise, but they were also living with Kourtney and Scott in New York.

Kim Kardashian admits that the lack of alone-time has caused tension, but she sees it as something fixable. Her sister Khloe admits that settling in to the Kardashian family can be quite challenging because of the hectic schedules and the general transition. Her mother, however, had a different opinion; “they’re going in two separate directions (with work)” says Kris Jenner. Well, yes – Kim Kardashian isn’t going into the NBA and Kris Humphries probably have no interests in managing a fashion store.

Although Kim and Kris may have busy schedules, it doesn’t seem like their lives have changed that much. Before they got engaged, Kim Kardashian was working quite a bit and Kris was waiting for the NBA to get out of lock-out so he could start playing. The only different between now and before the wedding is that Kris is getting bored not being able to play. That doesn’t mean he is bored being married to Kim Kardashian.

Will Kim be able to give Kris the alone time needed or is her career getting in the way of their not-ideal marriage?

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