Kim Kardashian Spreads What Message on Twitter?

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Kim Kardashian may be glued to her Twitter account, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t trying to spread some important messages.

One of Kim’s followers tweeted this message to Kim: “@KimKardashian if you retweet this i will take it as a sign to give up smoking forever! P.s i love u!”

Granted, it is pathetic that someone would only stop smoking if Kimmie retweeted their message, but it was sweet of Kim to recognize that smoking is an unhealthy habit that everyone should stop.

Kim Kardashian obliged to the request and retweeted her follower’s message along with a message of her own: “Smoking is gross!”

Yes, smoking is completely a gross habit, and this message has inspired some of Kim Kardashian’s other followers to comment.

Isabody01, a.k.a. Paul, agreed with Kim and tweeted: “@KimKardashian smoking is gross… Ughhhhhh nasty…just think when u go kiss somebody who smokes its like kissing an ash trey!!!”(sic)

There’s definitely that.

Of course, some of Kim Kardashian’s followers decided to make fun of the person who said they would quit smoking if Kim RT’d their message. ThyAwesomeOne, a.k.a. Mohsin, tweeted: @KimKardashian RT this and i will grow my hair for you and whenever you say cut it i will! Love u”

Seriously, though, a person should not base their decision to quit smoking based on whether Kim Kardashian or any other celebrity thinks they should or retweets their message. They should instead look at the damage that smoking can do to a person and to their loved ones.

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