Kim Kardashian Starstruck By Oprah

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Getting an interview with Oprah Winfrey is a pretty big deal – even for the Kardashians! One would think that, considering all the famous people the Kardashians know and have met over the years, that meeting Oprah would be just like any other interview for them, but, apparently that is not the case. Kim Kardashian seems absolutely starstruck by the iconic celebrity based on a recent tweet she shared with her followers.

Kim Kardashian tweeted: “Ummmm no big deal Oprah just left my moms house! <s>#</s>DreamComeTrue”

Oprah seems to have left quite the impression on Khloe Kardashian as well. Just hours ago, Khloe tweeted: Still on a high from meeting Oprah!”

The interview between Oprah and the Kardashians is scheduled to air on Sunday evening at 8:00 on “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” Apparently, no subject is off limits! Will Kim Kardashian be put on the spot regarding her divorce from Kris Humphries? Oprah is known for her interesting interviews, and this is one Kardashian interview that might be worth tuning in to.

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