Kim Kardashian Suing the Man That Called her Wedding a Sham

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Kim Kardashian is suing Jonathan Jaxson, the PR guy that has claimed that her wedding was a sham.

Jaxson is alleging that he used to be a PR guy for the reality show star, and he has really been trying to play up the connection he had to Kim by dishing all sorts of dirty details about her succinct experience playing the role of a spouse. However, Kim claims that she barely knows Jaxson at all — they worked together on a blog years ago, and now Kim can hardly remember him.

The guy has been spouting off to the tabloids lately, alleging that Kim’s wedding was a sham and that she only walked down the aisle because of a contract with E!. According to him, not going through with the wedding would have cost a lot of people a lot of money.

It’s pretty easy to believe this claim, considering how overblown Kim Kardashian’s big day ended up being (it had to be a cash cow for plenty of people), but it would be impossible for Jonathan Jaxson to know any inside information about Kim’s wedding since he no longer plays any part in her life. The guy who calls himself Kim’s former publicist also claims that Kim has never gotten over her ex Reggie Bush. This might have been true back when he was working with her, but no one has any proof that she’s pining for her ex now.

Jaxson also claims that he once helped stage a fake engagement story to make it seem like Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian had gotten engaged.

Sadly, it’s been easy for a lot of people to believe Jonathan Jaxson claims — since she stars on reality shows with storylines that often seem staged, it’s hard for a lot of people to tell where the fantasy ends and reality begins with Kim and her family. In fact, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney recently wrote a book entitled Dollhouse that they outright admit is a blend of fact and fiction — this is just the way they live their life.

But Kim isn’t going to let Jaxson, who is peddling a book of his own, profit off of her life. According to TMZ, she has hired attorney Marty Singer to sue Jonathan Jaxson for violating a confidentiality agreement that she had with him. Kim is asking for a minimum of $200,000 in damages.

Maybe Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber need to hang out and commiserate with each other — while she’s dealing with some guy’s crazy claims about things he knows nothing about, Justin is dealing with Mariah Yeater stating that she’s pregnant with his child.

It’s kind of sad what people will do to get their fifteen minutes of fame and a little fortune these days — who needs to work for anything when you can just get paid for making claims about celebrities?

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