Kim Kardashian Takes Pussycat for Grooming!

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Kim Kardashian wants to make sure that her pussycat gets Kardashian-sized pampering. This is why she took her new kitten, Mercy, out to the groomer on Monday.

It is oh so important to make sure your cat is groomed, right Kim?! Kim K. was spotted in Miami taking her new white kitten to the groomer. Kardashian friend Jonathan Cheban escorted Kim and Mercy, as he was seen having to carry the pink cat carrier. Poor Jonathan, having to be put through the embarrassment of carrying this fluffy, white furball around in a pink crate.

Paparazzi were able to snag a quick photo of Kim Kardashian kissing her little ball of fur before handing her off to the groomers. Of course, the biggest question is, did the cat actually like being kissed by Kim?

Why is Kim taking a kitten to be groomed to begin with?a Doesn’t she know that cats tend to groom themselves, without any help? What a waste of money, and Jonathan Cheban’s time! Poor Mercy, this pussycat doesn’t stand a chance!

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