Kim Kardashian Taking Kanye West’s Fashion Advice, but Beyonce Might be Better!

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are inseparable, and now they’re starting to coordinate their outfits. At the Cannes Film Festival, Kimye looked great, no doubt. A new report claims Kanye’s giving Kim lots of fashion tips, but is he the best person for the job? Perhaps Kardashian should consult with Jay-Z’s wife (and mom to baby Blue Ivy), Beyoncé! That is one woman who knows style, and she almost always manages to look super elegant at major red carpet events.

Kanye West is taking a keen interest in the way his girlfriend dresses. ApparentlyFile:Kim Kardashian.jpg, Kanye wants Kim to dress a little edgier. The Sun quotes a source as saying Kanye believes that Kim Kardashian “…plays it safe too much,” and he’s “been trying to pick outfits for her to wear and encourage her to be more daring.”

More daring? Has he seen some of the looks Kim’s pulled off over the years? Edgier, yes, but daring? This could be a really interesting summer, people.

Anyone care to speculate about the next “edgy” Kanye-inspired outfit that Kim Kardashian will wear? More leather pants are in her future…

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