Kim Kardashian Talks About Her Exploding Butt

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Kim Kardashian’s butt has gotten plenty of attention over the years, but she’s not the only one with a big backside. And when a woman’s rear in a Twitter photo recently gotten mistaken for hers, Kim was probably just a little bit annoyed.

But she wasn’t just bothered by the photo being a nude one, the rumor that Kanye West tweeted it, or the woman in the photo being porn star Amia Miley – the pic got people talking about Kim’s butt again, and she’s tired of it being such a hot topic.

During a recent interview with Heat she said that she’s bored with talking about her butt, and it’s not hard to see why – there have long been rumors that she has butt implants, and she finally responded to them by getting her rear X-rayed and proving that it’s the real deal. So now that there’s no need to answer questions about it being fake, what else can Kim Kardashian possibly say about her fanny?

She better watch out complaining about her butt being boring – the tabloids can be really creative and might find some way to make it interesting again. During her interview Kim revealed one such way that the tabloids have done this by stating, “There was this thing that said that my butt exploded on an airplane! I was like, ‘Seriously?!’ Where do people come up with this stuff? It’s crazy.”

So before you know it there will be rumors that Kanye West doesn’t think that Kim’s butt is big enough or that he’s said that ex Amber Rose’s is better.

One of these days Kim Kardashian might change her tune. When she’s 60 years old and wearing twelve pairs of Spanx to hold everything in place, she might start longing for the days when everyone was fascinated with her fanny.

But what do you think – is Kim right in claiming that her booty is boring?

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