Kim Kardashian Talks About Kanye West’s Wardrobe Malfunction

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Kim Kardashian recently decided that it was necessary to explain Kanye West’s wardrobe malfunction in order to avoid a scandal.

Kim apparently doesn’t want people to think that she and Kanye were doing anything naughty in their car before he was photographed getting out of it with his pants falling down. Keep in mind that this is the girl who starred in a sex tape and has posed nude in Playboy.

Kim has already spent the night with Kanye and is obviously all loved up with him, so who cares if she’s fooling around with the rapper? If she’s trying to convince everyone that she’s remaining chaste with him because she’s still not divorced from Kris Humphries yet, she’s a little bit delusional.

According to E! Online, here’s what Kim Kardashian said about Kanye West’s wardrobe malfunction:

“He was getting out of the car and his belt got pulled by this hook on the car door and he was trying to pull it up quick and his belt was really heavy.”

Kim also made sure to point out that the fashion fail wasn’t intentional, lest anyone believe that she and Kanye staged it for publicity.

Maybe Kanye West asked Kim Kardashian to explain why he was flashing a little thigh because he was embarrassed, or maybe she was just annoyed with all the speculation about the wardrobe malfunction. Whatever the case, it seems just a little silly that she felt the need to explain it – it’s not like he was revealing anything x-rated. Plus lots of guys who wear their pants low probably experience similar wardrobe malfunctions — at least Justin Bieber seems to have a big problem flashing his underwear. So why did she feel compelled to provide such a detailed explanation?

One thing’s for sure – this surely won’t be the last Kimye “scandal” you hear about, and it certainly won’t be the worst.

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