Kim Kardashian Talks Hurricane Sandy Amid New Sex Tape Rumors!

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Kim Kardashian may have plenty of other rumors to deal with, between pregnancy and a new sex tape. That didn’t stop the reality television star from reflecting on the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy when she woke up, comfortable and dry in California on Tuesday morning.

Kim tweeted, “Waking up today and talking to my friends in Jersey & New York just so thankful everyone is safe!” That’s good to hear. Clearly, Kim isn’t alone as many people are calling, emailing, and using social networks to catch up with loved ones back east after Hurricane Sandy.

Of course, this didn’t stop Kim Kardashian being a little freaked out by at least one person reminding her that the end of the world was coming at the end of 2012 according to the Mayan calendar. That’s okay, Kim… the world has survived the several seasons of Kardashian family antics on television and the world hasn’t come to an end yet!

Still, with rumors floating about Kim being pregnant with twins and a new Kardashian sex tape, at least Kim is keeping focused on things that really do matter, like the end of the world… and her friends affected by Hurricane Sandy!

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