Kim Kardashian the Butt of Kristin Chenoweth’s Joke

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Kim Kardashian became the butt of Kristin Chenoweth’s visual joke at the American Country Awards last night. So should Kim be offended by Kristin’s heavily-padded jeans?

Kim might have nothing to do with country music, but she’s become such a hot topic that even country stars can’t help but mock her. At the CMAs, Eric Stonestreet, Carrie Underwood, and Brad Paisley mocked Kim with a song about her 72-day marriage, and now even sweetheart Kristin Chenoweth can’t help but poke fun at the reality show star.

Trace Adkins came onstage at the American Country Awards claiming that he was forced to get a cohost to keep him in line after his behavior last year. However, he called his cohost an “opponent,” and Kristin came on stage dressed like a boxer ready to have it out with Trace (the boxing reference was apparently because the show took place in Las Vegas, where all the biggest boxing matches take place).

Kristin challenged him to a sing off, choosing the song “Oklahoma” from the Broadway musical for her cohost. Trace Adkins handled the challenge fairly well, but he wasn’t prepared for his tune like Kristin was for hers—he challenged the “Four Feet of Fury” to sing his hit song “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.”

Kristin Chenoweth wasn’t just prepared with musical accompaniment—she came loaded with a backside that would rival Kim Kardashian’s moneymaker.

She and Trace never referenced Kim, but it’s kind of obvious Kristin was somewhat mocking her—Kristin and Kim are about the same height, so the Glee star’s modified body shape certainly resembled Kim’s. However, Kristin’s butt padding was so profuse it looked like it could have made her fall on her back, where she’d be stuck on the floor like a turtle lying on its shell.

So should Kim Kardashian be offended? If she’s stupid enough to complain, all the writers of the skit have to claim is that Kristin Chenoweth’s big butt was just a reference to the song she was singing. And the audience probably preferred Kristin’s fake backside paired with some real talent over Kim’s real backside paired with a fake reality show star.

Check out Kristin’s performance below—her bit with Trace Adkins starts at the 2:15 mark.

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