Kim Kardashian Totes $15,000 Birkin Bag to Work Out

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Kim Kardashian has been spotted on her way to a workout in Studio City, using an Hermes Birkin bag to hold her gear—a bag reported to cost $15,000. Kim lives life in the fast lane; she is really, really rich, and she likes to show off. In fact, letÂ’s face it, she gets paid to show off–say Sketchers gear, for instance (although she appeared to be wearing Nike). Modeling stuff is one of the ways she got so rich. But reports are, says Mail Online, that she actually paid for this bag (click on the link to see). In fact, she and the Kardashian clan are said to have dropped more than one hundred grand on seven bags—one made of crocodile. How un-green!

The classic Birkin bag is one favored by celebs all over the world, says Mail Online. There’s actually a waiting list for the limited production, and it’s named for a File:Kim Kardashian 8.jpgBritish-born, French singer, Jane Birkin. Victoria Beckham is a fan—or was, until she developed her own line. Hillary Duff, Katie Holmes, Beyonce—all collectors of Hermes bags. Stop right there. Why would they want to act like such sheep? Buyers can have the elusive bag custom made in whatever size, color, material, hardware they choose. Kim Kardashian’s particular “classic” bag looks downright ordinary, at least, from a distance. This must be a celebrity thing that ordinary folks don’t quite get. But if yours isn’t fancy enough for you, diamonds can be encrusted on the handle.

Kim was dressed down for the workout occasion, so maybe she really meant to work out. She had no eyelashes on! And maybe the classy bag was all she had handy. Her closets probably donÂ’t have any smelly old nylon bags left over from college. So Kim Kardashian had to make do. Hope her water bottle doesnÂ’t spill.

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