Kim Kardashian Trying on White Dress and Kanye West Singing About It! Too Soon for Wedding?

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Kim Kardashian is still dealing with the divorce proceedings that have followed her since she dramatically broke off her marriage with Kris Humphries on day 72. So it would seem that stepping back into the “Mrs.” role would not be top of mind and that a wedding would be pretty far from the reality TV show diva’s priority list, despite her strong romance with Kanye West. But she has expressed her desire to find “the one” and have a family of her own. So, perhaps another walk down the aisle (with hopefully the right Prince Charming this time!) could be sooner than one might think–especially given a few not-so-subtle signals that both Kardashian and West may currently be sending.

White is undoubtedly a trendsetting color, with celebrities wearing various shades of the alabaster hue on red carpets and at premieres galore. Sometimes it comes off as bridal, other times it’s worked by stars more successfully. But when Kardashian recently posted to Twitter a photo of herself in a white dress, it immediately channeled the vibe of a bridal gown–and a gorgeous, glam one at that. “Late night fitting #pucci,” she posted with the pic that showed a rearview look at the amazing designer gown, which was backless and coaxed into a mermaid silhouette. The lace and embroidered details, as well as the slight train, further whispered “wedding,” as can be see in the photo posted on Daily Mail.

It may have been an unintentional modish move (or not), but perhaps Kardashian subconsciously has wedding on the brain. She would look stunning in a gown of this style, which would be a refreshing departure from what can translate as an overwrought fairy-tale, ball-gown look.

File:Kim Kardashian 2009.jpgHowever, given her rapper-cum-fashion designer boyfriend’s apparent influence on her style (he even did a closet clean-out and makeover for her on Keeping up with the Kardashians!), West may have lots to say, too, about the big-day dress should they really get engaged.

Kim Kardashian isn’t the only one in the relationship who is seemingly singing a wedding-inspired tune. Kanye West is vocalizing it–literally–with his new song “White Dress” on the upcoming The Man with the Iron Fists soundtrack, as Hollywood Life reports.

Maybe Kardashian even drew inspiration from that track when she selected her Pucci–fans will have to wait and see where it shows up. If it’s for a red-carpet event rather than an editorial photo shoot, she could be setting herself up for even more wedding buzz as she walks the press line.

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