Kim Kardashian Tweets About Latest Swimwear and Clothing Line

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Kim Kardashian used her Twitter account as a marketing tool again. Kim tweeted about her clothing line and attached a link. While some fans were hoping to see photos of her line, the link went to an interview with Kardashian Kollection’s designer Bruno Schiavi.

Kim Kardashian 8X10 Photo Hot! New! Buy Me! #22Kardashian tweeted, “So excited for our denim and swimwear collections! @brunoschiavi Xo”

The article detailed Schiavi’s work with the Kardashian family and his initial fears. Who wouldn’t be afraid of working with Kourtney, Kim and their gigantor Khloe? One wrong word and you’ll be dissed then eaten whole.

In the interview, Schiavi said, “Oh my God, were going to have three girls, three different opinions, very, very stylish, sophisticated, glamorous women that are all going to want to design something totally different. How is this going to work?”

Obviously since he’s promoting his own work, Schiavi’s not going to get into how fake people think the Kardashians are; but, come on, you were thinking it.

Fortunately for Bruno Schiavi, Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian “come together as sisters and they to tend to agree on most things because they have the same vision. They really have a passion for fashion.” Everything the Kardashians have touched lately have turned to gold and being a part of their world can either benefit your wallet or hurt your image (just ask Kris Humphries). Either way, it’s bound to be one hell of a ride.

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