Kim Kardashian Tweets Impatience at Waiting for Pregnant Kourtney

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While Kim Kardashian is super excited for her new niece to arrive, she is not too thrilled at having to wait for Kourtney Kardashian. She took to Twitter to vent her frustrations at the pregnant woman’s delay.

Kim Kardashian Tweets Impatience at Waiting for Pregnant Kourtney Earlier tonight after her QVC show, Kim Kardashian tweeted, “Waiting in the car for Kourtney…hurry!!! Lol.” The tweet was accompanied with a photo of the somewhat impatient looking aunt-to-be. At least she looked stunning in her pink, one shouldered outfit, sparkly, dangling earrings and hair pulled back in a bun as she impatiently waited for her pregnant sister.

Do you wonder what was keeping Kourtney Kardashian? Perhaps she had to make a run for the bathroom. That is often what keeps pregnant women busy as they get further along in their pregnancies. Of course, it could have been business related or something else. One thing is certain, Kim Kardashian did not appear to be terribly happy to be kept waiting in the car even if she did in her tweet with a laugh.

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