Kim Kardashian Tweets No Makeup Picture Showing Toned Abs

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Kim Kardashian recently tweeted a picture of herself with no makeup, which managed to look pretty great especially since her toned abs were the star of the photo.

Kim Kardashian Tweets No Makeup Picture Showing Toned AbsWith Instagram, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star proved that she does not have to be dressed up for an Oscars 2012 party to look fabulous. Are you surprised?

Kim Kardashian tweeted, “Sweatpants hair tie chillin with no make up on” with the picture showing her in her dressed down state. She looked pretty amazing, but the picture was somewhat blurry. Even so, her toned midsection was stunning, and her face looked fantastic. Fans who responded early to the picture certainly agreed that she looked not only great, but should also try the natural look more often.

Which look do you prefer for the reality TV star? Is she better dressed for the red carpet, or do you enjoy her natural look more? It is pretty shocking that Kim Kardashian looks so good without her usual makeup on. Is this natural look one you are willing to try for yourself? Do you think she should try it more often?

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