Kim Kardashian Tweets Skimpy Bikini Photo

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Kim Kardashian is keeping things hot on the internet! The reality star tweeted a picture of herself in a skimpy black bikini. She showed off her perfect body with white painted finger tips and red lips.

1295023673_kim-290.jpgAs you can see in the photo, Kardashian was clearly showing off her assets and giving her fans something to look at!

Of course, she was inundated with tons of messages from her adoring fans (and plenty of guys who still wanted to see more) telling her that she looked amazing!

She must be feeling better, after saying that her seemingly fuller lips were due to her having the flu. She looks great for just being sick!

Anyway, the picture is actually supposed to be showing off the “jewels” hanging from her neck. The dazzling necklace was purchased from Jason Arasheben who posted the same photo on his website. The diamond pendant is really what all of you are focused on, right?

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