Kim Kardashian Twitter hacked

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Kim Kardashian’s Twitter account was hacked, according to the reality star herself.

“Kim says the ‘hacker’ somehow blocked [her] from logging in from her home computer — though she can still post messages from her cell phone. So far, the mystery culprit hasn’t posted anything malicious,” reports TMZ.Kim Kardashian 2009

It’s not the first time a celebrity’s account was hacked, but Kim was legitimately concerned! She tweeted, “Twitter please help me get my password back! How is it that I can tweet from my cell but my home computer says wrong password!”

Hackers can obtain plenty of things from one’s computer; so, hopefully, Kimmy K changed all of her passwords and took proper precautionary steps to ensure she is safe.

The Internet is a creepy place, and she’s lucky that whatever happened to her wasn’t worse. It’s unknown whether or not Kim had to call someone over at the Twitter HQ (is there even such a place?), but she is up and tweeting once more!

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