Kim Kardashian Twitter: Kim K Tweets About Jeremy Lin Rumors

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With the Kim Kardashian divorce from Kris Humphries ongoing, recent Jeremy Lin date rumors had hit the internet several days ago. These rumors were soon dismissed and thrown away though. On Friday, Kim K took to Twitter to further address someone who had tweeted about the rumors she was going to date the recent NY Knicks NBA star.

As Jeremy Lin continues to turn heads with his rising basketball career as a New York Knicks guard, Kim K is trying to do damage control regarding rumors about her love life. She wants to dispel the notion that she was going to go on a date with Lin, which at this point seems like it might hurt for her to do. Nonetheless, Kardashian retweeted a warning message that had been sent her way, with a snarky response of her own, saying:

“Dear gullible…stay away from untrue stupid rumors RT @GarrettVo: Dear @KimKardashian &your Publicist …stay away from @jlin7″

The original tweet had come from Garrett V. on Twitter who is an on-air DJ for Z100 New York radio station and works for the Elvis Duran and the Morning show. Apparently, he decided to have some fun with a sarcastic, joking tweet, but Kim K wasn’t laughing and took it to heart.

It’s great to see Kim to stand up for herself and publicly call someone out on Twitter about these rumors, even if it may have been just a silly joke from a radio DJ. Of course, ignoring it might have been a better idea, but she loves the spotlight!

However, it really seems like maybe Jeremy Lin is benefiting the most from all of this extra attention. He’s already making headlines with his stellar play on the basketball court, leading the Knicks to an impressive win streak. Now he’s got his name being mentioned with Kim Kardashian. What will be especially interesting is which NBA player has the better stat line the next time the New York Knicks play the New Jersey Nets, Jeremy Lin, or Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband, Kris Humphries!

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