Kim Kardashian Twitter: Loves Doing Pilates Workout

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Reality television star Kim Kardashian is famous for a lot of things: her hit shows, product lines, divorce from Kris Humphries, sex tapes and of course, her booty. She recently was on Twitter to talk about one of her favorite workouts, which she just loves to engage in. No, it didn’t involve Ray J or Reggie Bush and a video camera!

Kim K previously showed off her curves when she danced on “Dancing With the Stars.” She’s a fan of social media as she currently has well over 13 million Twitter followers, and is never shy about tweeting about the latest from her life. In her latest tweet, Kim revealed the fitness method she’s using right now to tone and shape her body. Kardashian tweeted on Monday afternoon:

“I love pilates! Had the best class today! Love starting ym day like this! Hope you all have a good one! Xo”

Pilates tends to be a popular workout amongst many celebrities these days. Other stars who have been seen engaging in Yoga or Pilates include Susan Lucci, Hugh Jackman and Nicole Scherzinger. While some are envious of the body and booty that Kim Kardashian sports, there are others who some may call “haters.” They tend to label Kim as fat, which she really isn’t, or say she’s grotesque. Some might argue that those “haters” are just being insecure. The fact that she’s working at her fitness is a good thing, and the fact she’s sending that message to millions is even better.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s body image? Is she in good shape or too much?

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