Kim Kardashian Upsets Beyonce and Jay-Z by Dissing Rita Ora and Rap Music?

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Kim Kardashian’s Beyonce woes got a bit worse after the reality show star made a few comments that allegedly offended Bey and Jay-Z. So don’t expect to see Kim cozying up to Jigga’s wife again anytime soon.

According to The Sun, a source says that Kim upsets the first couple of hip-hop when she “tweeted about her brother Rob needing a good woman – even though he’s dating Jay’s Roc Nation singer Rita Ora.”

Now this claim seems a bit dubious because Rob Kardashian has denied dating Rita, but it’s possible that Bey and Jay mistakenly believed all the reports that Rita and Rob were an item. Or maybe Rob and Rita Ora really were dating and Rob just denied his involvement with her to save face – Rita was spotting partying with One Direction singer Harry Styles recently, so maybe Rob Kardashian was just afraid of becoming a laughing-stock for being replaced by a teenage boy band member.

Whatever the case may be, Kim Kardashian’s tweet wasn’t her only action that annoyed Jay-Z and Beyonce. She also “compared reality TV to rap music, saying they were both misunderstood.” Musicians like Kanye West and Jigga look at what they do as an art form, while most people look at reality TV as the lowest form of entertainment. To most it’s a trashy guilty pleasure, so it’s not hard to see why Jigga would wince at such a comparison. However, maybe Kim has a point about reality TV and rapping being similar – Jay and Kanye’s love of the word “bitch” definitely makes their music a little lowbrow, too.

But it’s unlikely that Kanye West will kick Kim to the curb for offending his friends anytime soon – he seems to view his girlfriend as his next big art project. He’s made her clean out her closet, and he tried to class up her reality show by making an appearance on it. And of course it probably doesn’t hurt that Kim is letting him use her as a walking advertisement for his clothing line.

So perhaps it’s their shared love of shameless self-promotion that will keep them together regardless of what Jay and Bey might think.

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