Kim Kardashian Used by Kanye West to Get Him Attention Again

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Kim Kardashian may looking stupid these days. Not only is she hanging out Kanye West in New York, completely ignoring all of the rumors that are starting about their relationship, but she is also ignoring the fact that Kanye has admitted to dating Kim to gain publicity himself. It seems that she is getting a dose of her own medicine. She herself supposedly used Kris Humphries to get married on television for publicity and now Kanye is using Kim in an elaborate dating scheme to get publicity himself.

According to a new Hollywood Life report, Kanye admits to using Kim K to get some publicity himself. He released a new single after the now famous Theraflu, called Mercy. In the song, he raps, “Don’t do no press but I get the most press, kid.” And it seems that the gossip website is convinced that Kanye is making stabs at Kim Kardashian herself, revealing that he is only dating Kim to make his own comeback more publicized.

Those who are not completely caught up on this dating scandal will be surprised to know that Kim and Kanye didn’t just start dating yesterday. Supposedly, this relationship has been going for quite some time, so Kanye has had plenty of opportunity to write and produce a track to bash the Kardashian and Humphries marriage. Don’t forget that Theraflu clearly makes threats at Humphries, in attempts to make him look like a fool.

But if Kanye is using Kim for publicity, who looks like a fool now?

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