Kim Kardashian uses Kate Middleton’s birthday as ploy to sell shoes?

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Kate Middleton probably isn’t too moved by Kim Kardashian’s public video wishing her a happy birthday and presenting a shoe made in traditional Kate Middleton style. It’s not as if Kim had a pair of shoes designed for Kate as a one of a kind birthday gift. Kim used Kate’s birthday to sell this new shoe she said the company designed for Kate’s 30th. In true Kardashian style, it was all about selling. It’s enough to get you mad, watching Kim on the video talking to her audience like they’d fall for this.

At first you think, wow, Kim had a pair of shoes designed just for Kate for her birthday and you think they’re one of a kind. Then you realize she just named a pair of shoes after Kate Middleton, called them a birthday present, and wished Kate a happy birthday on video. From there she tried to get the audience to go to the website and buy the shoe! “The Duchess” is the shoe Kim’s introducing.

Check out the video here on the Huffington Post of Kim trying to present this one shoe as a tribute to Kate from Kim on her birthday. It’s easy to see that Kim’s not as sincere at wishing the future Queen a happy birthday, as she is about getting you to buy the shoes. This is nothing more than a ploy for people to get the newest “Kate Middleton” shoe, which puts the profits where?

What a breath of fresh air it would be if Kim and the company behind this fake birthday wish donated the proceeds of the sale of her new “Kate Middleton” shoes to one of Kate’s newest charities, but chances are, this is not what is in mind for selling these new shoes. One thing you can say for Kim Kardashian, she’s got nerve; nothing will stop her in making a buck. This is not the way most people would wish Kate a happy birthday in the US; it wouldn’t come with a sales pitch. It’s just too bad that this reality star is the only one popular enough to get air time to do this, with a catch!

Happy Birthday, Kate, from the regular folks in the US, who wish you the best of everything!

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