Kim Kardashian vs JWoww: Battle of the Reality Star Bikini Bods!

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JWoww or Kim Kardashian… who looks better in a bikini? It must really be a slow news day at, because that is exactly what they asked in a survey of their readers today. The thing is, the competition isn’t even close.

That’s right, perhaps people have gotten tired of Kim Kardashian. The money grab of a wedding and then quick divorce of Kris Humphries coupled with the public courting of rapper Kayne West will do that to a reality television star. Perhaps people just prefer their women on the cover of Maxim magazine as opposed to other fashion magazines. Whatever the reason, the Jersey Shore star is beating the bikini off the Keeping up with the Kardashians star in this unofficial online poll by a hefty 2-1 margin.

So, who looks better in a bikini, Kim Kardashian or JWoww, anyway? One thing is for sure, this competition is probably not even on even footing. The website found the worst possible shot of Kim to show next to a nice, airbrushed shot of Jenny. Still, this just doesn’t even seem to be a fair fight.

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